…can be an excuse to stop and chat with friends

…an opportunity to sit quietly and relax

…can bring some sanity to chaos as you watch the kids run wild

…can be a much needed ‘pick me up’

…a way to connect
…a way to refocus
…a way to care

At Solid Grounds Coffee we want to give you a place to do ALL of these things and more…we look forward to serving you with heart and a smile!

More than a cup of coffee


At Solid Grounds, there are three things we are certain of:

  1. People love community
  2. People love connection
  3. People love coffee

When we conceived the idea of owning our own coffee cart, it was purposed to build relationships – to connect with people in our community. What better way to develop deep community, than over a great coffee (or chai, hot chocolate or tea!). Solid Grounds Coffee will be available at selected community events, but more importantly it will be grounded at CCC as a service to the wider community. Our plan is to soon have a safe and secure undercover space for folks with young families to enjoy a great coffee (or beverage). Solid Grounds Coffee beans are ethically sourced internationally and is roasted and supplied by KAI Coffee based on the Sunshine coast – a great alignment of values and mission!

Until that plan comes to fruition, we are certain that our mobile coffee cart will be more than able to service all your caffeine related needs!

In essence, our ultimate aim is to provide excellent service and great coffee to all of our customers – you, in a safe, clean and comfortable environment.

Experience KAI Coffee with us at Solid Grounds Coffee at CCC.
Let’s connect… let’s develop deep community… and let’s drink some truly excellent coffee!

“Now I stand on SOLID GROUND,
and I will publicly praise the Lord!”
Psalm 26:12