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Kai Coffee

Beginning in 2011, Kai Coffe was purposed with a vision to see the world’s second most widely traded commodity make a positive difference both locally and globally. We live in a culture that loves good coffee, so Kai Coffee set out to ethically source and import the world’s greatest, to roast with the best available technology, and to partner with cafes and individuals that are equally passionate about coffee. Unlike many other coffee businesses around the world, creating excellent coffee is not where Kai Coffee eases off, they have the desire to further take advantage of their setup to give back to the global community.

What does it look like to give back to the global community?
For Kai Coffee, it meant donating a portion of sales from every kilo of coffee to rescue children in developing nations. Kai Coffee is currently working with The Shepherd Centre to rescue and house 22 boys from the streets of Kabale, Uganda. Kai Coffee is also sponsoring 8 children with World Vision Australia and 2 children with Compassion Australia.
As Kai Coffee grows, they will continue to increase their number of sponsored children to a target of 1,000 children by 2020!

“In a coffee saturated culture we love how passionate our customers have become in joining with us in supporting these kids!”

When you choose to purchase a bag of Kai Coffee coffee beans or buy a drink at one of the Kai Coffee partnering cafes, you join Kai Coffee in changing the world through coffee – one cup at a time. By choosing to buy your coffee from Solid Grounds Coffee @ CCC, you are actively choosing to support Kai Coffee in rescuing children around the world – making our community a better place!

One cup at a time